Online Content Creator

Wieteke is able to help you build, manage and promote your social media channels.She is a multi-faceted specializing in photography, art direction and visual strategy. She ensures that your social media channels continue to grow through an appropriate strategy due content creation.

Who I Am

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work". With an innate understanding of fashion and people, Wieteke segued effortlessly into marketing, where she works as a online content creator for different fashion brands. She graduated at communication international events-, music and entertainment studies and the school of photography. These studies gave her the tools to develop the perfect strategy to create more engagement for a brand on social media. With her eye of detail and creativity she will tell the story of the brand.

What I Do

  • Developing concepts and moodboards
  • Create content for social media
  • Support all aspects of content production, including blogs, newspapers, imagery and video.
  • Production of photoshoots
  • Styling of photoshoots
  • Set up collaborations with influencers/models
  • Photography
  • Create and maintain a social media calendar
  • Manage all channels, including posting content, ensuring timely responses, frequently sharing relevant and engagement content, and activating paid promotion where required



Good photography is extremely important to determine the identity of your image. It's important to having a consistency in your photography to create recognisability for your target group.

Social Media

One of the most powerful marketing tools nowadays. Due my study Communication I'm able to create a strategy for your brand to let your engagement grow.


Create the perfect vibe for your campaign or social media shoot so it will be in one line with the identity of your brand.

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